Pre Production

Script Writing / Video Concept Development/ Storyboards

Pre-production – it’s the overlooked stepchild of video production. But the most important element of a well-produced video. Strategic planning before you shoot is key to hitting your target audience squarely and driving sales through the funnel. Our creative directors will assess your competition, your brand goals, and your budget, and deliver a concept, a script, and a storyboard that will ensure that your video is successful. Never underestimate the power of a solid script – it will save you time and money – and help you make the most of your production budget. Utod’s script writers can take a dreary factory with 10 points of production to cover and turn it into a tear-jerking tale of award-winning emotional content. And that’s the kind of project that wins you the praise you deserve, the raise you’ve been hoping for, and a paid Caribbean vacation.

Our Creative Directors


Soufian and Hasna are brimming with ideas for your next project. At Utod, we’ve got innovative video marketing strategies in our brains that would knock the socks off of your competition and reach the end user, in one fell swoop.
We’ve got cohesive branding strategies for challenges, misadventures, action, profile videos, and comedies.
Do you know what Soufian does in his spare time? He storyboards Youtube videos, just to see how many different scenes it took to make. We’re really passionate about staying on the cutting edge, especially in this evolving computer generated world. We don’t just want to succeed, we want to win awards!
We’ve been focusing a lot of attention on branding strategies this season. Creating templates for success and not just making things willy nilly.
How can we best create a unified identity for 30 different videos, that are still forward thinking, edgy and economical for our client? We have solved some big conundrums lately and identified catchy new trends that we are excited to see unfold.

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