What We’ve Done

We’re proud of our work and we like to show it off. Check it out – see for yourself what we’re capable of.

Celebrating Love

Wedding are to be lived and enjoyed, it's D Day that everyone wishes to live, at Utod we care about the details our professionals are capturing every move and each second to make your wedding days a souvenir to remember forever.

Moroccan Wedding In The Woods Directed by Soufian & Hasna from Utod Production

Gym Company

Are you looking to promote your services as a Fitness Club? or do you have a Gym business that you want us to cover for you?

This video is what you're looking for!

Personal Trainers/Athletes

Are you looking to make your Profile look stunning with a business card video?

Then we are here to help you get the best video that represents and matchs your abilities.

Hotels & Events

Videos are increasingly important in the world of hotel marketing. The right hotel video can make a tremendous difference to your sales, raising your profile in the hotel industry. Whether you’re unveiling a new facility, announcing a special offer or letting people know about improvements you’ve made, video is the perfect medium.

We can do it for your business!

Hotel & Resorts

We travel a lot and we do collaborate with many hotels and resorts around the world, we create business videos for them as well, if you are looking for this style of video please let us know ;)

Hotel Faro (Business Card Video)

Business Card video for this amazing Hotel located in southern Portugal in the Algarve Region, we had so much fun staying there, the service was excellent and the food was EPIC!

Immersion VR

Short commercial video shot in the heart of Brussels, How to immerse yourself in a new world

Restaurant Videos

We Capture your kitchen emotions to enhace your marketing strategy, or simply promote your business.

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