Branded Commercials

Solstil Pegolas - Branded Commercial

Volvo Cars - Branded Commercial

Range Rover - Branded Commercial

Hiscox We've Got You Covered - Branded Commercial

Gym Club - Branded Commercial

GoldmaRenovation - Branded Commercial

Horizon Driving School - Branded Commercial

Virtual Reality - Teambuilding (Branded Commercial)

Documentary Commercials

Yamaha Never Stop Breathing - Branded Commercial

Hotels & Resorts Commercials

Hotel Faro (Business Card Video)

Business Card video for this amazing Hotel located in southern Portugal in the Algarve Region, we had so much fun staying there, the service was excellent and the food was EPIC!

Tropical beach club, portugal

We travel a lot and we do collaborate with many hotels and resorts around the world, we create business videos for them as well, if you are looking for this style of video please let us know ;)

Life Living Experience (Business Card Video)

We have been called by the Hotel this year as well to make a new business card video with our kid, we didn't hesitate a minute, booked the flight and went to Beautiful Faro.

Watch our business card video in a more life experiencing style

Hotels & Events

Videos are increasingly important in the world of hotel marketing. The right hotel video can make a tremendous difference to your sales, raising your profile in the hotel industry. Whether you’re unveiling a new facility, announcing a special offer or letting people know about improvements you’ve made, video is the perfect medium.

We can do it for your business!

"Small Budget" Commercials

VR Gaming Center (Business Card Video)

Short commercial video shot in the heart of Brussels, How to immerse yourself in a new world

Personal Trainers/Athletes (Business Card Video)

Are you looking to make your Profile look stunning with a business card video?

Then we are here to help you get the best video that represents and matchs your abilities.

Restaurant Videos (Business Card)

We Capture your kitchen emotions to enhace your marketing strategy, or simply promote your business.

Family Events

Dje's Baby Shower

Fabrice and his beautiful wife called us for her baby shower event, we were so pleased to film and photograph their special day, they wanted to capture the best moments specially the day was to reveal the baby's gender!

Click and watch the video in order to see if you guessed right ;)

Again, congratulations to the DjeDje Family for their new born and we wish them the best for the rest.

Video Production Services



Preparing Your Estimate. Before we begin laying the foundation for your video, we’ll need to know:
* Who is your target audience?
* What is the purpose of your video?
Establishing a budget: what do you have to work with? We’ve worked with companies large and small, and we put every cent on the screen. Defining a clear budget will help us strategize your video production to reach your highest ROI and outline our approach. Keep in mind features like motion graphics, voice-overs, and sound design will add to the cost of your video.

Pre Production – Getting Ready

Now that we’ve worked out who our video is for and why we’re making it, our team of creatives can get to work on concept development. Most of our clients have an idea what they need, it’s up to us to fine tune the details and add our magic touch. We’ll help organize your video resources, write a script, or help reword your interview questions to create a video that hits your target. Whether it’s to motivate your clients to action, showcase your stellar staff, or generate brand awareness, we’ll collaborate with you to create a video that resonates with your audience.

Video Production – The Shoot Day

This is our time to shine. Our experienced corporate video production team will be on location working tirelessly. We come in prepared to hit the ground running. As far as staff and equipment goes, the size and tools change depending on the scope of the project. Each project is different. Some videos require only a videographer and a producer, others require a full production staff; like sound technicians, styling, online streaming coordinators, etc. Many companies use testimonials in their videos – a proven way to connect on a personal level. One of our specialties at Maxime Photo and Video, is ensuring that our interviewees feel relaxed and confident. We can make even the most reserved CPA look like a rock star.

Post Production – Putting the Pieces Together

If your budget is limited, our video editor can use titles or motion graphics to deliver your message. We’ll add some delicious background music, your logo, B roll and voila… We’ll always let you see your project, and we’ll always deliver your project on time, if not early.