Who We Are

Proven, seasoned professionals.

After over 5 years in the field we have decided it was time to make editorial-quality photo and video production available to every company.

That’s why we formed Elmars Camera: an art photography and video collective designed to bring the very best in branding and corporate work to you at a price you can afford. we have been together for over 4 years, working side-by-side as independent “shooters” at all kinds of events, commercial and corporate projects. So we’ve come to rely and count on each other, and work together like a well-oiled memory-making machine.

What makes us so much better than the competition?

We’re creative – we see those magic moments and know how to capture them

We’re tech-geeks – we know our craft and we’ve mastered the latest equipment

We’re composed – unobtrusive, confident, and calm under pressure

We’re classy – charming, well dressed and sweet smelling

it's our family business we love what we are doing !

Get to know us. We think you’ll come to trust us the way we do each other. And discover that we are simply the smartest choice in photo and video production.