The Team

The Elmars Camera's team is a highly skilled group of professionals specializing in commercial and wedding cinematography & photography based in Belgium.

With a global reach, they bring their expertise and artistic vision to capture unforgettable moments for clients around the world.

Whether it's a commercial shoot or a wedding, they have the expertise to translate their clients' visions into powerful visual narratives.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of composition, the team masterfully captures the essence of each moment, ensuring that every frame tells a story.



Working closely with brands, Soufian has developed an exceptional ability to translate their visions into captivating visual narratives.

From commercial shoots to promotional campaigns, he consistently delivers exceptional results that reflect the brand's identity and resonate with their target audience.

When it comes to capturing couples' best moments, Soufian's approach is characterized by his ability to establish a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. By fostering genuine connections with his subjects, he creates a space where their true personalities and emotions can shine through.

This enables him to document their love stories in the most authentic and intimate way, resulting in breathtaking photographs and videos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Together, Soufian Elmars and his wife hasna ennaoumi form a dynamic duo that combines their individual expertise to create stunning visual narratives.



Hasna Ennaoumi is a talented professional photographer based in Belgium, and she happens to be the wife of Soufian Elmars, a renowned cinematographer and photographer.

Born with a natural talent and a passion for photography, Hasna has honed her skills over the years, continually pushing boundaries and exploring new creative avenues.

Her work reflects a deep appreciation for the beauty of everyday moments and the ability to find extraordinary elements within them.

As a team, Hasna and Soufian complement each other's talents, bringing a harmonious blend of cinematography and photography to their projects.

They share a deep understanding and appreciation for visual storytelling, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly on projects, capturing the essence of their subjects' best moments in both still images and moving pictures.